Bluetooth Enabled 20V MAX Batteries & Tool Connect System

Announcing the DEWALT Tool Connect mobile application: The intelligent choice for your needs on and off the job site. When coupled with a compatible tablet or smart phone, DEWALT Tool Connect enables you to connect with, monitor, and control your Bluetooth enabled DEWALT 20V MAX batteries.

Once linked and within the range of Bluetooth, you can use the app to identify, enable/disable, and monitor your battery’s diagnostics.

Battery Diagnostics

in Real-Time

The Tool Connect app diagnostics allow you to monitor charge of your batteries; when they need to be recharged and when they have completed charging. Diagnostics also displays the temperature of your battery so that it operates properly.

Custom Alerts

and Notifications

The Tool Connect lend feature allows you to generate a “virtual fence” for your batteries on the jobsite, limiting the operable range of your batteries. You can also loan your battery to someone else and set it to disable after a set time period, making the battery inoperable until returned.

More Control

Over Your Battery

Loan out your battery without worry. Enable/Disable battery packs, control how long it can be used, and create a “virtual fence” to limit effective range. Remotely monitor battery charge to optimize work output and limit down time.

Charge Status

Remotely monitor battery’s charge status and temperature in real-time.

Virtual Fence

Generate a “virtual fence” for your batteries at the job site. DEWALT Tool Connect can send out an alert and even make one of your batteries inoperable if it goes beyond the Bluetooth range of your smart device.

Remote Enable/Disable

The ability to enable/disable batteries at any time while within Bluetooth range may act as a preventive measure for unapproved usage.

Identify Battery

Easily identify a battery, visually, by flashing the battery’s built in identity light.

Lend Battery

The Lend feature empowers you to set the battery to deactivate itself after a given time period, making the battery inoperable until it’s returned.


Alerts notify you when your battery has finished or needs to be charged, or if any of your batteries goes beyond the Bluetooth range of your smart device.