How to Build
a Picnic Table



  • 2" x 6" @ 10 ft. [Qty: 7]
  • 2" x 4" @ 10 ft. [Qty: 1]
  • 2" x 4" @ 8 ft. [Qty: 2]
  • 3/8" x 4" Galvanized Carriage Bolts [Qty: 12]
  • 2 1/2" Galvanized Wood Screws[Qty: 100+/-]

Cut / Put Together Table Top

  • Take three of the 10 ft. 2x6s and make five 60" long cuts with the circular saw. This will form your tabletop
  • Take one of the 8 ft. 2x4s and make two 28" long cuts with the circular saw. These will be your braces
  • Lay out the five 2x6s on a flat surface, making sure the ends are level with one another and tight
  • Place the two 2x4s on opposite ends of the table, 7 1/2" from each end
  • Attach 2x4s to the table top boards using your drill and galvanized deck screws"

CPO Tips:

When assembling the table top, make sure to put the prettiest side of each 2x6 facing down, this will be the top of your finished picnic table.

Ex.) 1:

Ex.) 2:

Ex.) 3:

Diagram 1:

Cut / Put Together Legs and Bench Supports

  • Using measuring square, mark angle 23 degrees on one end of a 2x6 and cut
  • Using tape measure, measure 30" from the longer edge of the previous cut and mark another 23 degree angle. Cut parallel to first cut (Refer to Step 4 below)
  • Take one of the 8 ft. 2x4s and make one 28" long cut with the circular saw
  • Mark the 2x4 (A) 4" from each end. This is where the top of the legs will be positioned (See Diagram 2)
  • Put legs (B) on 2x4 (A) as pictured in Diagram 2 below. Fasten with two galvanized wood screws for each leg
  • Take one of the 10 ft. 2x4s and make two 60" long cut with the circular saw. These will be bench supports
  • Using tape measure, measure 14 1/2" up from the bottom of each leg and mark with pencil. This will be where the bench supports go
  • Take the 60" bench supports and line up the top with the marks you made in the previous step
  • Make sure the bench supports are equidistant on each side and centered between each leg
  • Using 2 1/2" wood screws, drill the bench supports (C) to the legs (B). Roughly two screws for each leg should be enough
  • Drill a 3/8" hole through both the bench support and legs
  • Fasten with four 3/8" x 4" Galvanized Carriage Bolts
  • Repeat steps for all leg assemblies

CPO Tips:

The holes that secure the legs (B) to the upper support (A) should be drilled 2" from top of upper support (1 1/2" from bottom), so the carriage bolts won't be in the way.

Ex. 1:

Diagram 2:

Attach Leg Frames to Table Top

  • Position table top upside down. Using four 2.5" wood screws, attach leg frames to braces on bottom of table top
  • Using the last 8 ft 2x4, cut two 24" pieces with a 45 degree angle on each end. These will be your leg frame braces
  • Measuring from the bottom of the table top to the bench support, make a mark 17" on the middle of the support
  • Make a second mark on underside of table top from the inside area of the bench support to center board on underside of table top.
  • Your leg frame braces should line up with the marks you just made
  • Secure braces with 2.5" wood screws and then with carriage bolts

CPO Tips:

If your leg frame braces do not line up with your marks, pull the leg assembly over until they do, otherwise the legs / table top won't be 90 degrees.

Diagram 3:

Finishing Your Classic Picnic Table

  • Flip table up and install your seats with the 60" 2x6 timber
  • With leftover scrap wood, add supports underneath the seats and table top in the middle, to keep them aligned
  • Cut supports to be approximately 1" from either edge of table top or bench seat. Finish up with 2.5" wood screws
  • Enjoy your new classic picnic table!

Diagram 4:

Diagram 5: