Sander Guide

Sanding Expertise for more than 60 Years

Sanding can be annoying due to its boring and time-consuming nature. Festool specializes in making sanding tools to ease the process. In this business for more than six decades now, Festool provides convenient sanders which have reduced vibration and near complete dust extraction. Festool innovators created the dual-mode Rotex sander, the eccentric, random orbital sander, and the orbital sander. With reduced vibration, increased durability, advanced dust extraction and a clean clear finish, these amazing sanding systems produce all the results previously considered impossible. Festool provides different sanders and quality abrasives for different applications and professional needs. For a perfectly clear finish, pick Festool.

Festool Sanders: The Ultimate Sanding Machines

  • A wide variety; there are different sanders to suit specific needs. Whether you need a multi-mode sander, application specific or general-purpose sander, we’ve got it all
  • All Festool sanders give you a clean, clear finish all the time
  • Easy to use abrasives and pads save on time
  • Festool HEPA CT Dust Extractor makes sanding almost dustless. Great for cleanup and health
  • With reduced levels of vibration, your hands and arms are protected from numbness especially when you sand for long periods
  • Protection from overload and thermal effects that could damage your tool
  • Festool stands by their tools. All sanders come with an All-Inclusive Service warranty

Multi-Jetstream Technology
The Hole Story

With patented Jetstream design, the Festool abrasives and round sanders have an extra hole and double air openings in the middle and at the sides of the pads respectively. This technology allows free movement of air through the pads, allowing easy extraction of the dust from the sander. The free movement of air in the sander promotes reduced dust; a reduced blockage caused by dust in the abrasive, and also ensures thermal reduction. The Jetstream design extends the lifespan of the abrasives up to about 30%. They are equally effective in their functionality reducing the overall costs of using the equipment.

Festool Dust Extractors
Breathe Easy

The Festool centers much of its operation on dust reduction. Its dust extractors are currently the best on the market. Breathing is safe and easy when using the Festool sanders. The extractors use HEPA filters that make the extractors 99.99% dust free. The dust extractors come in different sizes and specifications to meet your specific needs. Festool's CT 36 and CT 48 Dust Extractors are some of the best extractors. They operate in both air and electrical tools. The IAS 2 3-in-1 hose combines air supply, dust extraction, and air exhaust under one roof. This reduces the number of hoses hence eliminating intertwisting and tangling of hoses. It also reduces the probability of trip over accidents. Handling the tools also becomes extremely easy as there is only one hose involved. Twisting and kinking of the tool during work is also impossible, thanks to the rotator connection at the end of the tool. The tool can be easily adjusted from a finishing sander to a course sander, thanks to the bayonet-coupling unit.

Rotex: Sanders That Can Do it All.

ROTEX multi-mode sander allows you to adjust from heavy-duty sanding to finish sanding by just pressing a switch. The Rotex will quickly get rid of varnish, wood, and paint using the aggressive mode. An easy switch will allow you to start a clear finish on the work leaving the surface clean and shiny. With different sizes, you can now choose the kind of Rotex you want, with the tall size having Random Orbital Finish, Aggressive Gear- Drive Mode and the polishing modes. The shorter versions of Rotex come with the 3.5” pad, or the Rotex 90DX, or you go for the Delta Pad Orbital Mode. The RO 125 FEQ has a 5” pad and is best used for heavy work. The RO 150 FEQ is the most preferred due to its heavy duty power.