Snow Joe SJBLZD Snow Broom with Ice Scraper

Snow Joe Model: snonsjblzd
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Snow Joe SJBLZD Snow Broom with Ice Scraper Snow Joe Model: snonsjblzd

Product Features & specs :

Snow Joe SJBLZD Snow Broom with Ice Scraper


The last thing you want is to spend time you don't have to clean the snow and ice from your windshield. Well if you must, do it quickly and efficiently with Snow Joe's SJBLZD Snow Broom with Ice Scraper. With a patented dual-purpose design that features a broom head on one end and a built-in scraper on the other, you can quickly push away heavy snow off your car, and then clear the ice from your windshield without leaving a scratch. The telescoping arm extends to 49 in. so you won't have to strain while reaching. Since the SJBLZD is extremely lightweight, you can store it in your trunk and carry it wherever you go.


  • Patented dual-purpose design to tackle snow and ice

  • Durable non-abrasive foam head pushes heavy, wet snow off cars without damaging glass

  • Built-in ice scraper quickly clears ice build-up on windshields

  • Auto-locking telescoping pole adjusts from 30 in. to 49 in.

  • Built-in bracket holder secures pole for easy storage

What’s Included:

  • Snow Broom with Ice Scraper - SJBLZD


15 in.


30.9 in.


7 in.


1.2 lbs.

Warranty Term

2 Year

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