Clean Your Gutters

Cleaning Your Gutters

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Gutter Cleaning Tips

It’s time to clean gutters again. While many of us try to put off this task as long as possible, not cleaning your gutters could lead to drainage issues for your home and even water and roof damage, which could end up costing much more in the long run. It’s recommended that you clean your gutters twice a year – in the spring and fall when rain in the weather forecast and leaves are blanketing your lawn and yard.

While picking up your phone to call a professional is always an option, CPO offers some of the tools you need to save yourself some money and do it yourself.

  • Ladder: As a general safety rule, never attempt to clean gutters from the roof. Instead, invest in a safety ladder. Start by placing your ladder at one end of the roof so you can reach the gutter without lean or strain.

  • Work Gloves: Work gloves are a must to keep your hands not just clean but safe from debris, insects, and even shards and sharp edges during the task.

  • Hand Trowel or small shovel: A great trowel and or shovel can help with initial removal of the large portion of leaves and debris in your gutters.

  • Hose with Sprayer: Once the gutter is mostly clear or leaves and debris, use a hose with a sprayer to flush out the gutter making sure you direct the stream toward your downspout.

  • Rake: Use a rake to rake up the leaves and dispose properly in a compost bin.

  • Pressure Washers: You can also use a good pressure washer to help with flushing out the gutters and for general cleanup. A pressure washer with about 1500 PIS should suffice for the task.

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