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As outdoor workers in certain regions are aware, winter arrives with a vengeance - but the work doesn’t stop. Workers in construction, agriculture, forestry, electrical workers, and those in other industries who make their living outdoors know how brutally cold it can get when the season changes to winter. Add wind, rain, and snow to he mix and you have highly dangerous conditions for people spending any amount of time outside.

Exposure to extreme cold puts outdoor workers at risk for cold-related illnesses that cause the body’s temperature to drop to dangerously low levels. It’s also difficult to keep yourself comfortable enough to do your job effectively when the weather is less than ideal. However, wearing heated apparel like heated jacketshoodies, and vests will protect your body from extreme cold so you can perform your job safely and comfortably.

Why Use a Heated Jacket?

That heavy down jacket hanging in your closet may have seen you through plenty of winters, but if you’re planning to spend the entire day (or night) working outdoors, a heated jacket is the better and safer option.

Traditional insulated jackets aren’t nearly as effective as their heated counterparts. This is because insulated apparel like a down jacket merely traps your own body heat to keep you warm. If you’re not constantly moving around, your body won’t produce enough heat to adequately warm itself. Therefore, your insulated jacket won’t be able to trap the body heat needed to stave off frigid conditions.

If your job requires you to be outside and includes extended periods of time where you may not be moving a lot, an insulated jacket will be virtually powerless against the cold. That’s why a heated jacket is the preferable choice.

Heated jackets continuously warm the wearer with battery-powered heating elements built into their lining. Even if you’re not moving and generating natural body heat, the jacket provides a steady, reliable supply of warmth to help your body maintain a healthy internal temperature while working in the cold.

What Are the Benefits of a Heated Jacket?

You may be wondering why dressing in thick, warm layers of clothing is not a viable alternative to wearing heated garments. Wearing layers is often bulky and uncomfortable, which may spell trouble when trying to do your job. If you need to remain quick and alert on a construction site, for example, wearing multiple layers will only slow you down.

Heated jackets keep you warmer than traditional outerwear while allowing you to move freely on the job. Instead of piling on jackets and sweatshirts that restrict your range of motion, wearing heated apparel lets you stay nimble and comfortable enough to handle the most demanding outdoor tasks.

You can enjoy plenty of use from heated garments off the job, too. Their versatility makes them a great choice for all kinds of outdoor activities, including camping, hiking, cold-weather sports like skiing, and outdoor sporting vents. Most heated jackets are waterproof and resistant to the harshest elements, protecting you from wind, snow, and whatever else winter can throw at you.

Which Heated Jacket Should I Buy?

There is a wide variety of heated apparel you can choose from in multiple styles. Based on your individual needs and the type of outdoor work you’re planning to do, you may prefer a hoodie, softshell jacket, or vest. Heated jackets are available from some of the brands you already trust to manufacture your power tools and equipment, such as DeWALT or Bosch. You can find a great selection of high-quality heated jackets in a range of styles, sizes, and price points.

What Other Heated Gear Do I Need?

Aside from jackets and hoodies, there are other types of heated garments to offer additional warmth on the job site. When your body encounters extremely cold temperatures, it redirects blood flow from your extremities to your core. This reduces circulation in your hands, fingers, feet, and toes, making them especially vulnerable to freezing. Wearing heated gloves will ensure your hands and fingers receive enough heat. For workers and tradesmen who rely on the use of their hands, this is invaluable.

Heated gloves often boast the same superior heating technology, convenience, and durability as their heated jackets. The index finger is even designed to allow the use of a touchscreen device without removing the glove. If it’s essential that your hands stay as warm as possible on the job, we recommend picking up a pair of heated gloves in addition to a jacket.

Protect Yourself This Winter

Braving the cold may be part of the job, but you owe it to yourself to face those frigid temperatures with the right gear. Heated apparel and gear like jackets, hoodies, and gloves will keep you warm so you can safely and confidently carry out your job in even the most unforgiving conditions.

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