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What type of String Trimmer should I use for my lawn or property?

Cordless string trimmers have come a long way and can be used by pro’s or personal users alike. With more regulations coming down around Gas Trimmers, brands like DEWALT 20v Max and 60v FlexVolt, Makita 36v and 40v, and more have invested in new battery technologies to get the long jobs done right. A cordless string trimmer can be a great addition to your gardening arsenal as they can get in many uneven or tight places. Also, with the ability to add on other attachments cordless string trimmers offer a large range of flexibility.

Pick the right base powerhead/brand you want.

  1. The advantage to the cordless power systems is that they usually run on the same base powerhead that allow attachments like hedge trimmers, pole saws, edger, and blowers. Make sure you research the brand and power you want to see if they have other great attachments you would want down the line. 

Choose the type of String Trimmer shaft you want. Straight vs Curved.

  1. Straight shaft string trimmers are very popular as they are well balanced and offer a long drive shaft life. If you’ve got a big yard or lots of land to work with then a straight shaft string trimmer is probably your best choice.
  2. Curved shaft string trimmers will provide power to the trimmer head with a flexible-cable drive and tend to be on the lower cost side. Curved shaft string trimmers are ideal for smaller and tighter spaces such as stairs, planter boxes, and small grass patches. 

Pick the right trimmer line for your setup and project.

  1. Standard-grade line is on the lower cost side and good for those quick jobs or small yards. This trimmer line will get those lighter jobs done and save some money
  2. Commercial-grade line is built for those bigger tougher jobs. This line will usually be a bit thicker and can cost more but will hold up and save you time as you will not have to refill it as frequently. When you’re in the literal thick of it, you want to trust that your string trimmer and the trimmer line will get you out of it. 

Always wear protective eyewear and clothes!

  1. Cordless string trimmers spin very fast and can throw rocks and debris very far and very fast. It just takes one little rock to hit your eye or skin to cause some serious damage. 

The top things to consider when buying a cordless string trimmer:

  1. Pick your base power source for the cordless string trimmer
  2. Get the right shaft for the job, Straight shaft or Curved shaft
  3. Select the right trimmer line to get the job done

Tip: Don’t forget to protect those eyes and legs, since rocks move fast and ruin days

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