Bosch Routers & Trimmers

Essential to the woodworker, Bosch routers are available with features like a precise router bit centering design, a variable-speed dial, micro and microfine depth adjustments, soft start actuation and easy mounting to router tables.

Choose the router configuration that best suits your applications. With a fixed base Bosch router, the router bit position is consistent with the ability to make depth adjustments. A plunge base Bosch router allows a plunging action to lower the router bit into the surface of a work piece. The modular Bosch router system allows a tool-free conversion between a fixed base and a plunge base configuration. A quick clamp system allows the motor to easily be moved from base to base. Bosch routers can be purchased as a complete kit or as separate units.

For smaller routing jobs, greater detail and trimming, Bosch palm routers are smaller, lightweight and easy to control solution. Don’t forget, performance router bits are also available from Bosch. Shop Bosch routers now at CPO Outlets!