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Learn About Reconditioned Tools

Why Buy Recon?

  • Save up to 30-50% vs New
  • Manufacturer Warranty
  • Exclusive CPO 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
Where Reconditioned Tools Come From
Step 1:

Customer Purchases and Returns Pressure Washer

Every day customers return tools to retail stores because:
  1. They purchased the wrong tool for the project
  2. They realized they didn't need the tool
  3. They believe the tool does not work properly
  4. They simply changed their mind
Retailers ship many of these tools back to the manufacturer.
Step 2:

Manufacturer Inspects, Repairs, Tests, and Repackages

Manufacturer trained technicians thoroughly inspect each tool and repair the tools if necessary. Genuine factory replacement parts are installed if required, and the tools are tested to ensure they operate properly. The tools are repackaged and operating manuals are added to the box if necessary. Reconditioned tools get more individual attention than new tools.
Step 3:

Manufacturer Awards Warranty

Tools that pass inspection are awarded manufacturer warranties to give customers comfort that the manufacturer stands behind the factory reconditioned tool.
Step 4:

CPO Offers a 60-Day Recon Guarantee

CPO is the #1 retailer of factory reconditioned tools, and sells tens of thousands of reconditioned tools every year. CPO is confident in the quality of the tools and backs each purchase with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you aren't completely satisfied, return it and we'll take care of it.


New Factory Reconditioned
Price Full Retail Up to 30-50% less than new
Performance Same Same
Features Same Same
Specs Same Same
Manufacturer Warranty Yes Yes
CPO Money Back Guarantee 30 Days 60 Days
(Yes, we want you to be comfortable buying recon!)
Cosmetic Condition Perfect May have blemishes or scratches that do not impact performance.
Packaging Retail Box Often repackaged brown box or one that is labeled "reconditioned" or "refurbished"
Includes May include accessories May not include accessories