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David White Standard Warranty
90 Day Warranty
  • SLL2 LaserCross
  • Torpedo Levels
  • Tripods
  • Rods
1 Year Warranty
  • ML-450N
  • Detectors (LD12N,LD18N, LD50N)
  • Mark 2 LaserCross
  • Matrix54
  • M4PL
  • M4PB
  • Theodolite
2 Year Warranty
  • 3110-GR
  • 3150
  • 3175
  • 3185
  • 3150G
  • Total Station
  • Pipe Laser
Lifetime Limited Warranty
  • Meridian Levels
  • LT8-300
  • Auto Levels
David White, warrants measuring tools against deficiencies in material and workmanship within warranty period listed from the date of purchase. Deficient products will be repaired or replaced at David White's option. Proof of purchase is required.

This Warranty does not cover deficiencies caused by accidental damage, wear and tear, use other than in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions or repair or alteration of this product not authorized by David White.

Repair or replacement under this Warranty does not affect the expiry date of the Warranty. To the extent permitted by law, David White shall not be liable under this Warranty for indirect or consequential loss resulting from deficiencies in this product.

Agents of David White cannot change this warranty. This Warranty may not be varied without the authorization of David White.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The customer is responsible for the correct use and care of the instrument. Moreover he is completely responsible for checking the job along its prosecution, and therefore for the calibration of the instrument. Calibration and care are not covered by warranty.

This warranty is subject to change without notice.