DeWALT Planers

DeWalt planers are ideal for surface prep for a variety of woodworking projects. Thickness planers are woodworking machines, used to achieve an even thickness throughout the length of a board. DeWalt planers are perfect for preparing boards on the jobsite. DeWalt planers run material up to 13 in. wide and with a powerful motor and three-knife cutting head, DeWalt planers cut soft and hard woods with ease.

For more specific, detailed applications, DeWalt’s hand held power planer provides the service of a surface planer in the palm of your hands. Use it to straighten out a crooked cut, chamfer an edge, smooth out painted or rough surfaces and more. DeWalt’s hand planer features a heavy-duty motor for tackling hard woods, an ergonomic trigger with rubber components for comfort and a kickstand for resting the planer on the work material without gouging it. Shop DeWalt planers now at CPO Outlets.