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Valid on select items, qualifying items are identified on the product page. Offer not valid on reconditioned, open box, certified and the following items:

Black and Decker



bshn5312, bshn4100-09, bshncm10gd, bshncm12, bshngcm12sd, bshngta500, bshngts1031, bshnt4b, bshn1191vsrk, bshnhd19-2b, bshn11255vsr, bshn11264evs, bshn11265evs, bshnrh228vc, bshnrh328vc, bshnrh540m, bshnrh540s, bshn11316evs, bshndh1020vc, bshnps11-102, bshnps130-2a, bshnps21-2a, bshnps31-2a, bshnps41-2a, bshnps60-102, bshnclpk22-120, bshnccs180bn, bshncrs180bn, bshnpb180, bshnpb360s, bshnddb180-02, bshnddb181-02, bshndds181-02, bshndds182-02, bshnhds182-02, bshnidh182-02, bshnids181-102, bshnclpk222-181, bshnclpk232-181, bshnclpk26-181, bshn1380slim, bshnag40-85p, bshnag40-85pd, bshnag50-11vs, bshncs10, bshnrs325, bshnrs428, bshnrs7, bshn1594k, bshnjs260, bshnjs365, bshnjs470e, bshnpl1682, bshnmx30ec-31, bshnmx30ek-35, bshn1617evs, bshn1617evspk, bshnmrf23evs, bshnpr10e, bshnpr20evsk, bshnros10, bshnros20vsc, bshnps31-2alpb, bshndds181-02lpb, bshn1380slim-2p, bshnwc18chf-102dds, bshnra1181, bshngpl 2, bshnglm 15, bshngtl2, bshnbp350.


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dewndc970k-2, dewndw715, dewndc9096-2, dewndcb204-2, dewndcb203-2, dewndcb205-2, dewndw745, dewndws780, dewndws782, dewndw735, dewndw735x, dewndck285c2, dewndcr018, dewndck292l2, dewndck296m2, dewndcd771c2, dewndck290l2, dewndcd780c2, dewndck280c2, dewndwe315k, dewndw735x, dewndw717, dewndwfp55130, dewndwc1kit-b, dewndcl040, dewndcf680n1, dewndwe304, dewndwe7480, dewndcd790d2, dewndwd520, dewndwe4120, dewndck590l2


drln4000-6-50, drlnckdr-02, drlnus40-01, drlnsm20-02, drln8050-n-18


mtbn602192520, mtbn602199520, mtbn602170530

Porter Cable

pcbnpcck602l2, pcbnpcck614l4, pcbnpcck600lb, pcbnpcck640lb, pcbnpcck605l2, pcbnpc75trs, pcbnpc600js, pcbnpce606k, pcbnpce605k, pcbnc2002, pcbnc2002-wk, pcbnpcfp12234, pcbnpcfp12234, pcbnpcfp72671, pcbnpcfp12236