Jet Lathes

A woodworking Jet lathe creates a symmetrical object by turning a work piece on its axis and applying a tool to cut, shape, sand or knurl the work piece as it rotates. Jet lathes are often used in wood facing, reducing the length of a work piece, or wood turning, creating shapes and designs on wooden objects.

Mini Jet lathes are ideal for the beginner wood turner or the advanced wood turner looking for a smaller and easy-to-use machine. Mini Jet lathes are available in standard and variable speed models with improved belt tensioning, a sturdy tool rest base and wider bed ways. Full size Jet lathes provide up to 2 HP of power and a capacity of 16 in. over the bed, for larger tasks. In addition to woodworking lathes, Jet also carries precision metalworking lathes. Shop Jet lathes at CPO Outlets and don’t forget handy accessories such as a lathe stands, bed extensions and extension stands!