What is ONE-KEY?

ONE-KEY, the next industry-changing technology, is the first digital platform for power tools and equipment. ONE-KEY will deliver a new level of control and access to information by incorporating industry-leading tool electronics with a custom-built cloud-based program. There is little doubt that ONE-KEY will transform the way you work.

ONE-KEY will empower you to manage inventory, control wireless tools and account for tool performance. Milwaukee Tool’s ONE-KEY will bring power tools into the Internet of Things. If you know your way around a smart phone, you will know your way around ONE-KEY.

Tool Control

Easy Inventory management

Effortlessly track all your tools and equipment across your network of jobsites and users with Inventory Management. ONE-KEY gives quick and easy information between the jobsite and back-office by allocating locations and individuals to every piece of tool and equipment.

Record Keeping

  • Enter, consolidate, and catalog tools all in one place
  • Custom classification and numbering helps you organize in a way that makes the most sense
  • Upload receipts immediately from mobile devices by taking a picture of a receipt, or electronic invoices using your web browser

Sync Wirelessly

  • Access tool and equipment information from anywhere with an internet connection
  • Immediate and easy sharing of info from the jobsite and back-office, with ONEKEY, vital information is always at your fingertips

See Utilization

  • No more guessing on deployment of tools and equipment
  • Make custom locations or allocate tools to single users
  • Speed up your inventory tracking and lower the amount of lost items with simple location assignment

Log Tool Status

  • Categorize items as retired, missing, damaged, or available with one click
  • Thereby improving operation and enhance service scheduling

Track Repair History

  • Have detailed records on tool and equipment upkeep
  • Record tool servicing
  • Use ONE-KEY to evaluate maintenance and understand post-purchase costs.

Upload & Download Inventory

  • Get started by loading current inventory lists from Microsoft Excel into Inventory Management using our downloadable template
  • Have access to inventory at all times to create budgets and manage yearly spend.