Milwaukee Reciprocating Saws

Since being introduced in 1951, the Milwaukee Sawzall reciprocating saw has been an industry standard for cutting applications in demolition, renovation, general purpose and more. Designed to withstand daily abuse, the Milwaukee Sawzall was the first portable hacksaw to incorporate a reciprocating mechanism. Coupled with the right blade, the Milwaukee Sawzall can cut through wood, drywall, PVC, rebar, pipe, metal and more.

The Milwaukee Sawzall is available in corded or cordless models on the M12, M18 and M28 battery platforms. Look for Milwaukee Sawzall models featuring a unique patented gearing system that provides efficient power transmission and extended life by absorbing impacts, blade lockups and motor stalls. Other features include orbital cutting action, variable speed trigger, Quik-lok blade clamp and pivot shoe. Find the right blade for versatility in all types of material, Milwaukee’s full line of Sawzall blades. Shop Milwaukee Sawzall from CPO Outlets!