NOVA 23270 Lite SuperNOVA2 Insert Version Bowl Turning Chuck Bundle

NOVA Model: nvan23270

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NOVA 23270 Lite SuperNOVA2 Insert Version Bowl Turning Chuck Bundle NOVA Model: nvan23270
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Product Features & specs :

NOVA 23270 Lite SuperNOVA2 Insert Version Bowl Turning Chuck Bundle


The NOVA 23270 Lite SuperNova2 Bowl Turning Bundle provides excellent value and is presented in a sturdy storage/carry case. The bundle includes the award winning Lite SuperNOVA2 23264 Insert Chuck with 50mm Jaws, NOVA 6040 12 in. Cole Jaws, NOVA 6030 Cole Jaw Buffer Kit, chuck handle, woodworm screw, fastenings, and manual. This bundle provides everything you need to start your bowl turning adventure and saves you 26% over buying the chuck and accessories separately. The Lite SuperNOVA2 Chuck is precisely machined from 1045 machine-grade steel and comes with an anti-release spindle lock. This chuck is an Insert chuck so correct Insert (Separate purchased) must be used. The Lite SuperNOVA2 chuck features a one handed, geared operation, for fast opening and closing, ideal for production turning of medium to larger pieces. The gears are strong and smooth. The Lite SuperNOVA2 Chuck comes with advanced features such as automatic jaw safety stop so jaws won't extend past the chuck, copper infused jaw slides which provide lubrication and resistance to wear, and a fully sealed Duracon composite, indexed backing plate. The Lite SuperNOVA2 Chuck takes all 26 Plus NOVA accessory Jaws in the range (exception of Infinity and Titan III) to extend your capacity to tackle a wide range of projects. The NOVA 50mm Chuck accessory jaws are a versatile all-around set to get you started before moving onto more specialized jaws, and is able to handle both bowl and spigot projects. The NOVA 6040 Large Cole Jaw Set has 12 in./304mm bowl diameter capacity. This is one of the most popular of all the NOVA chuck accessory jaws and is designed to expand the range and capacity of your standard NOVA Chuck for specific projects and applications. Universally fits to any NOVA Chuck for maximum flexiblity, saving money as duplicate accessories are not needed for different NOVA Chucks. NOVA 6040 Large Cole Jaw Set is a versatile set, designed for the re-chucking of bowls to remove chuck marks, add decoration or to re-shape the bottoms of bowls that have already been turned. Other NOVA Accessory jaw sets can be added to the Cole Jaws making a combination jaw facility - expanding dovetail facility for mounting bowls/platters and a reverse dovetail for mounting footed bowls/platters. These jaws have many advantages over traditional vacuum chucking. Suitable for lathes with a minimum 14 in. swing diameter. Die cast aluminum with pre-set holes, for precise closing, durability and long life. Comes with 4 Jaw segments, special fasteners, standard rubber bumpers and instructions. This set has a unique feature which enables you to add a NOVA Cole Jaw Extension Kit 6039 and take the capacity from up to 12in/304mm through to 15 in/381mm (additional purchase) The NOVA 6030 Cole Jaw Buffer Accessory is an accessory for the NOVA 6040 12 in. Cole Jaws. This kit contains 8 Multisided buffers and 8 long pin buffers, to enable you to hold a variety of projects in your NOVA Cole Jaws Comes with 8 multiside buffers, 8 long pin buffers, fasteners and instructions. The The Nova Chuck Accessory Storage case allows you to protect your Nova Chuck investment with storage of one chuck, several jaws, wrench, and woodworm screw all in a one heavy duty plastic case. They are great for not only protecting your chuck but for carrying to events or clubs, and cases are stackable allowing efficient use of workshop space.


  • The Bundle includes the 23264 Lite SN2 Insert Chuck, 6040 12 in. Cole Jaws, 6030 Buffer Kit, Woodworm Screw, Chuck Handle, Wrenches, Fasteners, and manual

  • Other Nova jaw sets can be fitted to the Cole Jaws making a combination jaw facility

  • The multi-sided buffer has a unique reinforced steel insert giving solid mounting

  • Quality materials used throughout for long life in tough woodworking conditions

  • Chuck is insert type, requires separate insert (Purchased Separately)

What’s Included:

  • Chuck - 23264

  • Jaw - JS50N

  • 12 in. Cole Jaw - 6040

  • Buffer Kit - 6030

  • Woodworm Screw

  • Fasterners

  • Manual

  • Required separate Insert ( Sold Separately)

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3 in.


4 in.


8 lbs.

Warranty Term

6 Year (Jaws) /2 Year (Chuck and Accessories)

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