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Which Battery Is Right For You?

Here are some tips on choosing the correct battery for the job.
Battery Voltage

Battery Voltage

In a nutshell, battery voltage is the overall power the cells of the battery generate when you power on the tool. Is a higher voltage better for cordless tools? The tool and task will determine your voltage needs. Lower voltage tools and batteries are suited for small and simple tasks like cutting or drilling into soft woods or the occasional around the house maintenance requirement. Low voltage batteries are smaller, cheaper, and charge quickly.

Whereas, larger tools and tougher jobs typically require a higher voltage (20V or more), this translates to higher torque, which makes it easier to generate greater force without straining the battery. High voltage tools and batteries come with more torque and power, at the trade off of higher costs and can weigh more.

Battery Amp Hours

Battery Amp Hours (Ah)

Similar to a fuel tank, the Ah of a battery signifies the charge capacity and run time, or how long it'll last while a power tool is being used. The number indicates the total amount of current the battery will consistently deliver to your cordless power tool over the course of an hour, under ideal conditions (perfect temp, zero vibration, and consistent power). For example, a 5 Ah battery can theoretically draw 5 amps for 1 hour or 10 amps for 30 minutes.

The higher the amp hour of the battery, the longer your power tool can run on a single charge. For small and quick tasks, power tool batteries 3 Ah or less will likely do the job fine. For medium DIY projects, look for batteries between 4–6 Ah. And large projects and remodels would benefit from 8 Ah or higher.

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Cordless Power Tool Batteries & Chargers

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