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Snow Blower
Buying Guide

Why a Snow Blower?

Also called snow throwers, snow blowers provide unmatched value during the winter season. Snow blowers are an effective and speedy way to clear driveways, sidewalks, and create paths through snow and ice, making certain that any pathways are safe for use. With the help of CPO’s Snow Blower Buying Guide, you can make an informed decision on which model is right for your needs.

Types of Snow Blower


Single Stage Snow Blowers

  • Optimal for level, midsized paved driveways and walks. Not advised to use on loose gravel
  • Capable of clearing snow levels up to 6-8 inches deep
  • Available in gas as well as electric models
  • Single Stage Snow Blower - Throws snow once
  • Fairly light; takes up approx. storage space equal to a lawn mower
  • Lower height than two stage snow blowers - not optimal for higher snow drifts

Two Stage Snow Blowers

  • Two Stage Snow Blowers are more powerful than their single stage counterparts
  • Perfect for both commercial and home use
  • Throw snow twice; Equipped with auger and impeller, tosses snow and blows it away
  • Best for long driveways, loose gravel, and level concrete as the auger doesn't touch the ground
  • Can clear large, deep expanses of snow, snow drifts, and mounds
  • Only available with gas engine

Electric Snow Thrower

  • Electric Snow Throwers are excellent for small single-family homes
  • Can clear light snow from sidewalks and small driveways
  • Inexpensive and maintenance-free
  • Compact size, light, and quiet
  • No driven wheels; propelled by the rubber-tipped auger
  • Comes as either cordless or corded models; limited range and maneuverability for corded models

Snow Blower Comparison Chart


Features to Consider


Ranging from compact to commercial sizes, pick the right snow blower for your needs. Larger snow blowers are great for areas with heavy snowfall, compact models are perfect for low to moderate snowfall


An important aspect of any snow blower, some controls to consider are: Dead-man switch, discharge chute, power steering, single-hand operation, and wheel power controls


Multiple speed settings give enhanced control and can help prevent clogging. Single-stage snow blowers do not offer many speed settings, but Two-Stage models give several different options


Tires can play an important factor for your snow blower purchase. Smaller tires mean easier storage, larger tires mean better maneuverability. Certain models have tracks or treads which are helpful in icy, rocky, and sandy environments


Dependent on model. All electric models have a push-button start, while gas models come with either a push-button start or pull cord.

Clearing Tools

Clearing tools help to easily clean out a clogged snow blower while protecting you from injury to your hands or arms. Some models come with the tool, others are purchased separately


Homeowners, property managers, and commercial users alike can benefit from the value a snow blower provides. They are a worthwhile investment, saving time as well as helping you to avoid the backbreaking labor that shoveling requires. Don't let the winter catch you unprepared, shop for the perfect snow blower for your needs today.

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