Dewalt DWHT56033 4.5 lbs. Exo-Core Single Bit Axe

Dewalt Model: dewndwht56033
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Dewalt DWHT56033 4.5 lbs. Exo-Core Single Bit Axe Dewalt Model: dewndwht56033
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Product Features & specs :

Improved Overstrike Protection

New and Improved

Carbon Fiber Composite Overstrike for higher durability where most handles break

Scalloped Cutting Edges

Scalloped Cutting Edges

Allows you to cut deeper and easily remove it from the wood

Easy swing with a lightweight handle


Built for an easy swing, deep and easy release, and improved overstrike protection

Foresty work is one of the harshest environments for tools and workers

Outstanding Durability

Constructed to withstand harsh environments and make the user's job easy

Dewalt DWHT56033 4.5 lbs. Exo-Core Single Bit Axe

This 4.5 lbs. Exo-Core Single Bit Axe is part of the line of axes launched by DEWALT designed to withstand harsh forestry environments and to make the user's job easier. With a hollow, light-weight handle, swings are quicker and more balanced for deeper, easier cuts. Scalloped cutting edges easily cut into wood and release from material. These have our Carbon Fiber Composite overstrike to protect the most vulnerable part of the tool where most long handle tools commonly break.
  • Carbon Fiber Composite Overstrike for greater durability where handles break most
  • Scalloped Cutting Edges allow for a deep cut and improved release from material
  • Hollow Handle for a light and balanced swing
  • Optimal Balance and Power Ratio provides a quick swing speed
What’s Included:
Axe Type
Single Bit
Handle Material
Head Weight
72 oz
Handle Style
Palm Grip
Handle Length
33-7/10 in
Head Material
4.5 lbs.
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