Bosch GLM400CL BLAZE Outdoor 400 ft. Connected Lithium-Ion Laser Measure with Camera

Bosch Model: bshnglm400cl
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Bosch GLM400CL BLAZE Outdoor 400 ft. Connected Lithium-Ion Laser Measure with Camera Bosch Model: bshnglm400cl
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Why is the price hidden?

We want to pass on our savings to our customers, so we've lowered the price of this item. However, since our price is now below the manufacturer's suggested retail price, we are restricted by the manufacturer from showing the price right away.


Product Features & specs :

Bosch GLM400CL BLAZE Outdoor 400 ft. Connected Lithium-Ion Laser Measure with Camera

The Bosch BLAZE Outdoor GLM400CL Connected Laser Measure with Camera features a 5.0-megapixel, adjustable zoom camera to find the laser spot in bright conditions, measuring up to 400 Ft. Transfer the measurement documentation to a smartphone or tablet with Bluetooth using Bosch’s MeasureOn app. The outdoor laser measuring device provides default real-time length, length, area, volume and indirect measuring functions – which are simple to take advantage of thanks to the display guide walking through each measurement process. A built-in inclinometer determines the angle of pitch and confirms when the tool is level. The laser measure also features an easy-to-read backlit color display, reinforced screen glass, an easy-to-use display guide and 11 measuring functions (including default real-time measuring). It allows users to see the last 50 measurements on the tool and stores over to 600 images.
  • BLAZE Outdoor technology – outdoor laser measuring device with up to 400 Ft. measuring, camera and next-gen connected convenience through the free Bosch MeasureOn app
  • Class 2 Laser Product, < 1mW Power Output, Wavelength 650 nm
  • Camera – delivers 5.0 megapixels to document measurements, with adjustable zoom to locate the laser spot at far distances, even outdoors or in busy backgrounds
  • Bluetooth connectivity – connects the laser distance meter to smart phone or tablet, enabling transfer measurements onto images and manage the project through the free MeasureOn app; not recommended for photo files
  • Integrated, rechargeable 3.6V Lithium-ion battery – delivers remarkable runtime for all-day jobs
  • Easy-to-read backlit color display – illuminates numbers in dark areas with distinct resolution, allowing work in low-light or no-light conditions
  • Reinforced screen glass – provides increased durability and damage resistance
  • Inclinometer – shows the tilt angle, 360 Degrees for easy angle and indirect measurements
  • Default real-time measurement mode – immediately provides accurate measurement that automatically adjusts closer to or farther from the target
  • Easy-to-use display guide – walks the user through each measurement process
  • Multiple measuring features – includes 11 different measuring functions, including real-time length, length, area, volume and indirect functions, and addition/subtraction capability
What’s Included:
  • (1) BLAZE Outdoor 400 Ft. Connected Lithium-Ion Laser Measure with Camera - GLM400CL
  • (1) Micro USB Cable
  • (1) Battery Charger
  • (1) Hand Strap
  • (1) Pouch
Power Source
Leveling Function
Wifi compatibility
Batteries Included
Battery Type
Battery Life (Approx.)
7 Hours
Case Included
Accuracy Margin (Horizontal)
+/- 1/16 in
Case Type
Accuracy Margin (Vertical)
+/- 1/16 in
Bluetooth Compatibility
Laser Color
Laser Diode
650 nm
Laser Class
Class FDA IIa
Effective Range (Visual)
400 ft
Charger Included
1.13 in.
2.5 in.
5.5 in.
0.46 lbs.
Warranty Term
2 Year

Reviews :

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Rated 1 out of 5
Compared to other companies this is not good. Constantly giving me incorrect measurements (off by 10-20) feet. Will say a wall is 7 instead of 30. Did it to me 4 times in a row. Wasn’t in direct sunlight, or on red brick. I even tried to reposition it each time. Sometimes I will hit the measure button a few times and nothing will happen. This thing is garbage.
August 24, 2019
Originally posted at
Rated 4 out of 5
Would you recommend this product?
Short Run Time (if applicable)
Uncomfortable to Use
Best Uses
Large Projects
Small Projects
Home Repair
Powerful Features, Puny Camera and battery life
This critical measuring tool does what is advertised; is very accurate; has the ability to perform many measuring tasks, and when combined with the Bosch's iOS app MeasureOn can create floor plans directly on you iPad.

You can also activate a measurement from your iPad or iPhone, but someone else needs to help because it is very difficult to activate the device measurement from the iPad or iPhone and hold the Bosch GLM400CL BLAZE.

The MeasureOn app has limited usability on an iPhone and sloppy device integration mostly because of the size of the iPhone screen. The iPad, I believe is the iOS device of choice to use with the Bosch GLM400CL BLAZE.

However, the Bosch GLM400CL BLAZE has a number of glaring shortcomings for a device that is this powerful and is so highly priced.

Integration with the iPad via Bosch's app, MeasureOn is very poorly documented almost to the point of making the combo unusable. And, that is not because of functionality, but because there are no in-depth clearly written instructions or examples of use. I find the company's lack of documentation contemptuous of its customers.

Of great concern to me in light of the vast advances made in digital photography by companies like Apple in their iPhone cameras is the very poor performance of the building camera of the device. This shortfall is unacceptable in any device manufactured in this time of visual digital achievement.

Finally, it is very annoying that the battery cannot be changed by the user and the device needs to be sent to the manufacturer for replacement of the battery when it wears out.

However, given all of the serious deficiencies of the Bosch GLM400CL BLAZE, I would still recommend it, as long as one understands its limitations.
May 20, 2019
1 year ago
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Avid Do-it-Yourselfer
Rated 5 out of 5
Amazing tools within such a small instrument
Definitely a lot of options on this tool and it is easy to navigate it. the fact I can measure up to 400 feet is a game changer especially with today’s job market. I have been able to take measurements and the BOSH GLM40CL saves them along with pictures. There is no need for a notepad. It is accurate and easy to use with instructions within the tool to walk you through. It has a zoom option on the picture to help it hit your target more accurate. Strongly recommend the BOSCH GLM40CL.
GOOD bye batteries.
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January 20, 2019
Originally posted at
Rated 3 out of 5
Good improvement, but could be better ...
The item could be better:
1. More compact, like the GLM100C. I already have a GLM100C (and others laser measurements devices) this one is more ease to handle in the field for his size.
2. The access to the USB port could be by an independent small sliding gate because when is used the measuring pin in the field, the USB port is unprotected.
3. In the tools setting could be set the starting measuring function when is turn on the device. The function most used by the user saving time.
4. The Bluehound could be disable with a some kind of password to prevent unauthorized user disable this function for example some sequence of buttons pressed.
5. In the "Stake Out" function the device could have a help. When the measurement is reached in the screen center it could be there change of color in the measurement and in the device a mark in the tool side in concordance the center of the screen tool to make the mark with more precision.
6. There could be a way to access in the device to all the images stored, only to watch them without the necessity of a PC, the old ones (50+).
December 27, 2018
Originally posted at
Rated 4 out of 5
Overall the BOSCH Blaze GLM400CL is a pretty good product. There are not many cons , so I will start with the pros. Out of the box and not and using any instructions ( who needs instructions) the interface was easy to navigate , especially if you own or have owned any of the Bosch GLM products , but even if you haven't the UI was pretty intuitive. I own several distance lasers from a lower price point to a couple of up and above the GLM400CL price point . These are two well known brand names and for distance it was spot on with the competitors. The laser brightness outside on a bright day was only slightly dimmer than my most expensive laser. The GLM400CL has all the distance and area features you'd expect at the price it retails for and a couple I didn't expect. I really like the built in leveling feature for checking all types of level. As for the display, not only is it bright and easily viewed in most lighting conditions I work in, it also has a 360 deg rotation which is awesome to me ! This can be such a time saver when shooting distance at non standard angles.

Ok , this wouldn't be a good (in my own mind "Great Review") if I didn't mention a couple of things I wasn't excited about. When I first grabbed this beast oops Blaze the tactile feel was different than all my other Bosch lasers. Yes I own several that I purchased on my own, five to be exact. This actually may not be a con and just that it is bigger than my other Bosch lasers and the edges seem to be more squared. I am putting the USB / Charging port location in the sorta con section though there is an aspect I really like about the location. as the placement of this port does not really allow you to set the tool on its back , you either need to rest it on the face of the laser which has a pretty big screen and if your not careful, over time I can see this would not be great for the screen. Basically it needs to be or should be set on its side while charging. But ! I love that the port is protected by the push button flip out right edge stabilizer. No little rubber protector to mess with or worse not cover at all.

To sum up , the Bosch "BLAZE" GLM400CL will definitely stay in my tool bag and where I would say about here in my review "I would recommend this tool to a friend" I actually do not have to. I brought this baby into the office to let some of my co workers play with it to get some outside opinions and literally two of the three people who tried it asked me if they could buy it from me. There was no hesitation before I said heck no, go get your own ! Not only because I really like the Blaze, but I think it may be against the testing review rules, but mostly the first thing ;).

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December 13, 2018
Originally posted at
Rated 5 out of 5
Excellent tool accuracy and efficiency
Upon opening the packaging for this measure, I was a little surprised by the tool’s size. It is pretty large compared to my other laser measures but it is also much more sophisticated and full featured. The dimensions of the tool are 5.625x2.5x1.125 inches (14.2x6.3x2.8cm with a 2.25x1.75” (5.8x4.5cm) color screen. It was neatly packaged with a small tether attached, has a really nice fabric case with a reinforced semi-rigid structure, usb charging adapter and cable, quick start guide, small quick start quite for the free ‘Measure On’ app from Bosch, for it’s measuring devices and a full manual for the GLM400CL.

Upon opening the box I immediately began charging the tool. It has a measuring pin which flips out by spring when a small red button is depressed. The pin has three positions, closed fully open and open 90 degrees. Under this measuring pin is the mini-USB port for charging and it must be open to access the port. It takes several hours to charge and features a built in rechargeable L-ion cell to power the unit. As stated in the manual, the L-ion cell can be replaced by Bosch if it ever goes bad in the distant future. I was a little intimidated when I powered the laser measure and began using it because it has so many different features and controls. I thought I would experience a learning curve and have to give myself a few tutorials to get going with it. I read the manual, but only after trying out the different features, did I feel like I understood exactly what the manual was saying. If I could do it again, I wold bypass reading the entire manual and just explore each feature on-screen to learn what it does and how to use it. I find the on-screen prompts to be very intuitive and easy to figure out. There’s also a help feature that will display an animation example of a selected measurement feature. This can be found when selecting the type of measurement by selecting the button under a ‘?’ icon that appears at the lower right of the screen and was a more quickly understandable way for me to learn.

To take a measurement, you simply push the central red measuring button with a white triangle or arrow on it to begin the laser measurement function and and push it again to display the measurement on the screen. There’s also a continuous measurement or ‘tracking’ setting to display continuous readings which update every half second or so in most instances and can be saved by pushing the red measurement button. This tool has a camera which can be used to take a reference image of the measurement with the measurements and some other specifications displayed on the image. 50 images can be saved in the memory or a combination of photos and measurement values that total up to 50. Once the memory fills, the oldest image or value will be deleted and replaced by the new ones. The entire memory can be deleted in the settings as well.
The measure has the ability to calculate unknown measurements by making indirect measurements. Some of the indirect measurements are calculated with the built in inclinometer and one or two known measurements. I keep it in the cab of my high roof van to quickly measure un-marked height with it’s indirect measurement feature from the driver’s seat with the tool out the window, to be sure I can fit the vehicle. It has really cool features like calculating two measurements with one being added or subtracted from or with the other, calculating area either with two measurements or with a measurement of one axis with multiple inputs for the other axis and it can calculate volume with 3 measurements. There are multiple options for how the units of measurement are displayed. One example is either feet and inches or just total inches with fractions being available in multiple options from1/2” down to 1/32” and feet presented as a base 10 system with whole feet having a decimal and down to the thousandth of a foot. The metric options give the options for displaying values of meter down to the thousandths place, centimeter or millimeter only values.

The inclinometer gives the readings for level and I needed to calibrate it out of the box which turned out to be really easy by selecting the calibrate icon in the tool settings. The on screen prompts walked me through the six step process. process. It took about a minute. The image aiming sight for the laser needed calibration also, which was even easier than calibrating the level feature.

I’m not sure exactly what my favorite features are but I know that the ones I use the most are length measurements, area and volume measurements and calculations. The visual aid for the laser is invaluable for long and outdoor measurements. Many times I find myself forgetting to use the photo feature when not using it with the measure on app.

I have been able to put this tool to use with my work every day since I received it and I am really happy and impressed with it’s performance. If it were ever stolen I would purchase another.
I’ve only found a few things that I’d personally like to see as features on this measurement tool.
I wish this tool could transmit the images to the measure on app by Bluetooth and to a computer or another device such as a phone or tablet. Any reference images will only be accessible within the measuring tool but they are still useful this way. I mostly do layout work with this tool and wish it had a division feature to divide measurements to help me quickly find centers of measurements.

There are many more features in this laser measure than the ones that I’ve mentioned but these are what stood out to me. I like using the measure on app but this device has many of the same features. It is preferable to me to use this device with the app as for site visits and surveying projects but when in use during a project on site, I prefer just using the device. This tool and Bosch’s Measure On app are very well executed, easy to use and work well together. The app expands many new features for any of Bosch’s laser measuring devices.
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December 13, 2018
Originally posted at
Rated 5 out of 5
Quality Product packed with features
I have been using The GLM400CL for a bit over a week now, and I am a big fan. It is packed with a ton of great features and it is easy to use. I love how accurate it is and measurements can be performed by a single person. Another plus is that you can take longer measurements that might be hard with a tape all by yourself. Another thing I really enjoyed was how nice the screen on the unit was. Everything was crystal cleat and easy to read at anytime of the day.
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December 13, 2018
Originally posted at
Rated 4 out of 5
precise - easy to use - great features
I've been using this new laser distance measuring device for about 10 days now and it definitely comes in handy on the jobsite. I can easily layout my excavating plan and I know quick how much pipe I need. I own 2 other devices; DLR130 and GLM80, but this LDM is packed with features which my other do not have. Like much larger measuring distance, bluetooth, and camera. Functions: continuous measuring, length, area, volume, indirect measurement, wall area, stake out, level. Bosch kept the menu really easy. I really like that the device has a built-in lithium battery because I dislike AAA batteries. Runtime has been pretty good so far. I was not able to connect the GLM400CL via bluetooth to my smart phone. I tried manually in the bluetooth section of my phone, on the MeasureOn App and Toolbox App. I will invest some more time to figure it out. When the camera is on (it's always on, unless manually turned off), it will take a picture every time the user hits the measure button. the camera can be turned off by the camera button (bottom left) and bottom right the magnifying glass to zoom in (up to 3 times). Then you will only receive the measuring without a picture. Picture quality really bothers me. A device for that price should take better images. It is larger than other LDMs; for instance, it is about the size of my Samsung Galaxy Note8. Overall it is a great LDM and I would recommend it to anyone who needs a device to make your job easier.
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December 13, 2018
Originally posted at
Rated 5 out of 5
Nice laser measure
Received this a few weeks ago, and love the tool. It seems fairly accurate, and is easy to use. Has some nice features, especially the camera part. Can use this for doing jobs, as well as job quotes.
Comes with all you need to get started. And there's an app you can download to use on your phone that integrates with the tool.
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December 12, 2018
Originally posted at
Rated 4 out of 5
Tons of features, low res visuals
This laser distance measure (LDM) is stocked with tons of features - you can basically measure anything you can think of as long as it has a place for the beam to land. This tool seems custom made to be used in a long term project environment, with difficult measurements to obtain and over large distances, but can just as easily be used for simple, everyday measurements and in smaller spaces. It can be mounted on a tripod or used in hand, and can be set to measure from the rear, front, tripod connection point, or from the handy, extendable point that flips out from the back if you need to get into tricky, small places.
This LDM is accurate (within 1/16th” at 20’ measured against three different tapes, and bang on measured against another laser measure – GLM35) and quick to set up, and is easy to use for the most common tasks it might be employed for. It also has two buttons that save your measurement - on the face and on the right side, so they are always accessible regardless of how you’re holding the tool. The unit has a ton of storage and the battery life seems great! I’ve been using mine pretty heavily for the past week getting through all its features and the battery won’t quit.
I also really like how the screen always tells you the angle of inclination the LDM is at, and how Bosch has extended that feature to be able to use the device as a level when it is sitting on a flat surface too.
This tool has many great features, and tons of ways to use them, but its two signature features (blue tooth connectivity, and the video screen) are a little underwhelming. I have never used an LDM with an app before, but this was simple enough to set up. It’s a neat feature to be able to take measurements remotely, but since you have to position the laser manually anyway, I don’t know that that is a very practically useful feature.
After setting up the app, I spent some time trying to plug in a simple layout of my house and it took me way longer than I would have liked, to the point that I ended up giving up. What I would love to have seen was for the app to connect to the wall measuring feature of the tool so that I could just walk through and have the measurements upload directly into a diagram of the space, but if it has that capability I couldn’t find it. This might also be easier on a tablet, but on my smart phone, the screen is just too small to have that many entries to make.
The other major feature of this LDM is that you can see where your point is via the viewfinder screen on the display. I was really looking forward to this feature, as it is often impossible to locate that tiny red dot once it’s more than twenty feet away, so having the cross hairs on the screen is really helpful for those long measurements beyond 120’. However, the resolution of the screen leaves a lot to be desired. In the generation of camera phones that can capture amazing images at super high quality, to see a camera type device return to flip phone grade pictures was a little disappointing. Especially if you wanted to use the pictures taken on the LDM in a project portfolio or for any explanatory purposes, these images just would not cut it. However, they do give a fair indication of where the laser is pointed and the image can be zoomed in a few times to obtain greater precision, so it is still a helpful feature to have especially when measuring distances in the 100’ + range.
Overall, this new tool is a great laser measuring device. It is still compact enough to easily be used manually, and offers users a ton of features to make estimating and site layout much easier. It would be a useful tool in many trades person’s tool kit.
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December 11, 2018
Originally posted at

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