CST/berger 19-550 MT100, Magna-Trak 100 Series Magnetic Locator with Soft Case

CST/berger Model: cstn19-550

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CST/berger 19-550 MT100, Magna-Trak 100 Series Magnetic Locator with Soft Case CST/berger Model: cstn19-550

Product Features & specs :

CST/berger 19-550 MT100, Magna-Trak 100 Series Magnetic Locator with Soft Case


The Magna-Trak 100 ft.s LCD indicator offers a digital bar graph display, in addition to a standard audio tone, to precisely identify the target object, especially in noisy, congested areas. An additional feature is a visual reminder when batteries are low.


  • Rugged high-impact plastic enclosure with aluminum sensor pole

  • Powerful magnetic speaker with waterproof mylar cone

  • Lightweight and comfortably balanced for easy handling

  • Easy view LCD display for visual signal strength and battery information

  • LCD display includes two digit numeric signal indicator, expanding analog bar-graph signal indicator, and flashing Low Battery indicator

  • Patented electronic balancing procedure allows balancing to be done quickly and efficiently

  • Approximately 100 hours of operation before batteries need changing

  • Quick-access battery compartment

  • Adjustable sensitivity and volume controls

  • Single hand touch-switch operation for power on/off

  • Deep tone audio signals peak over magnetic objects to easily narrow down searches

  • The tube is waterproof to just under the plastic housing, the housing is water-resistant

What’s Included:

  • MT100, Magna-Trak 100 Series Magnetic Locator - 19-550

  • Soft Carrying Case

  • Instruction Manual

Power Source


Display Type




Wifi compatibility


Battery Life (Approx.)

100 Hours

Case Included


Indication Method

Audio/Bar Graph

Case Type


Bluetooth Compatibility


Motor Type


Charger Included



42.75 in.


4 lbs.

Warranty Term

1 Year

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