JOBOX Steel Gull Wing Lid Deep Full-size Crossover Truck Box (White)

JOBOX Model: PSC1461000
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JOBOX Steel Gull Wing Lid Deep Full-size Crossover Truck Box (White) JOBOX Model: PSC1461000
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Product Features & specs :

JOBOX Steel Gull Wing Lid Deep Full-size Crossover Truck Box (White)


Delta PRO Single Lid and Dual Lid Steel Crossovers provide superior security for tools and equipment. The combination of our Gear-Lock System, reinforced lids, and our high-strength body will resist up to 1,000 lb. of prying force.


  • Self-aligning latch pin pivots from side-to-side to engage with the Gear-Lock System; no adjustments required

  • Gear-Lock self-adjusting dual rotary locking system always latches and closes for superior security.

  • High-strength, self-rising lids will resist attempted break-ins better than other steel lids

  • High-strength body resists cargo damage and protects the lock system

  • Heavy-duty, reliable Posi-Lift gas springs automatically opens the lid for easier, faster access

  • 3-Layer Laminated RSL Rigid Structural Lid has a reverse beveled edge liner and an inner layer of rigid foam insulation to create the most rigid, strongest aluminum lid we've tested

  • End-mounted push buttons provide easy access; lid locks and unlocks from either side for security and safety

  • Heavy-duty guards on single lid models protect the vertical-action gas spring lid lifts and help ensure long-term durability

  • Built-in storage bin on both ends and 4-compartment sliding tray for convenient small item storage

What’s Included:

  • Steel Gull Wing Lid Deep Full-size Crossover Truck Box (White) - PSC1461000



Compatible Models

1980-2012 Silverado/2008-2012 Ram 2500/2008-2012 Ram 3500/1987-2012 F-150/1999-2012 F-250/1999-2012 F-350/1980-2012 Sierra 1500/2010-2012 Sierra 2500/2010-2012 Sierra 3500/2008-2012 Titan/2007-2012 Tundra

Lid Style



Powder Coating




20.88 in.


14.25 in.


93 lbs.

Warranty Term

5 Year

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Q & A :


Delta PRO Brand Crossover, Innerside, Chest, Topside, Underbed and Trailer Tongue Storage Products Three-Year Warranty Statement

This Warranty is made by Delta Consolidated Industries, Inc. to the original purchaser of Delta PRO Brand Aluminum and Steel Crossover, Innerside, Chest, Topside, Underbed Truck and Trailer Tongue Boxes and it is valid for three (3) years from date of the purchase upon presentation of a copy of the original sales receipt at the time of the warranty claim.

If the un-damaged Posi-Lift™ gas springs fail to open an unrestricted lid during the period of the warranty coverage stated above, Delta Consolidated Industries, Inc. will provide replacement gas springs at no-charge. Installation of replacement gas springs is not included.